A self-avowed agnostic/atheist for my first forty-one years, I have held a life-long fascination in religion and spirituality―an insatiable curiosity about what others believe regarding “life, the universe, and everything.” In 2005 I began attending a Unitarian Universalist (UU) church because I was hungry for spiritual growth, though I didn’t know what that would look like for an atheist. UUs have no dogma, no creed one is required to confess. Its members support and encourage each other in the individual search for truth and meaning.

In the spring of 2009 the most unexpected thing in the world happened to this old unbeliever . . . . I had a personal, real-time, mystical experience of God. Many things in my life have fallen away since then, other things taken up. But what remains is the overarching question, “Well, now what?”

I hope to have some conversation with folks from all traditions about  spirituality, religion, theology, ethics, and finding our way through this life as best we can.

Although I feel like I understand things now I didn’t understand before my experience of the Divine, it wasn’t an experience that provided me with many more answers than I had before. Far from it. A million more questions have, instead, been unearthed. And while, I believe there are universal truths, I paradoxically also believe there are individual truths that are equally valid, equally powerful. I want to hear your truths as much as I intend to work out my own in this space.

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